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Partner with the movement that is changing the culture, starting at Arizona State University. Help the vision become a reality and change the next generation. You have the opportunity to financially partner with us to build a culture of respect.


This is something we’re all wrestling with together. We all have to do our part individually because collectively, that’s what’s going to spark that movement.
— Anthony Robles, NCAA Wrestling Champion
I believe that the Respect Movement will change the culture of sexual assault. This movement is revolutionary. This movement is life changing.
— Monica McGee, ASU Director - Memorial Union & Greek Life Advisor
A student at ASU has the opportunity to leave an indelible legacy at one of the largest university in the country.
— Sean Wiseman, Director- Office of Student Engagement at ASU West
If you join Man Up, you’re going to have an opportunity to improve the character and value of your life.
— Coach Todd Graham, ASU Head Football Coach
I’ve been here 18 years. I’ve been a Sun Devil, and now with Man Up, Wow Factor and this Respect Movement, I have never been so proud.
— Coach Charli Turner Thorne, ASU Women's Basketball Coach